Chuck Prophet to Scott Wiener: Shut the fuck up about Duboce Triangle

Chuck Prophet: Not that into condos.

Musician and historically outspoken SF resident Chuck Prophet, who'll be gracing us with his brand of ramblin' rock and roll at this year's Hardly Strictly Bluegrass fest, got a little fired up today after reading this Chron piece from the ever-insightful C.W. Nevius.

Complete with a slideshow of Duboce Triangle debauchery, the column details how the area has descended into a festering pit of shady characters bearing hypodermic needles, dismisses those who would bring up homelessness as the overarching problem as "cynics," and features a few choice quotes from Sup. Scott Wiener about this being the worst he's ever seen the neighborhood.

From Prophet's Facebook page:

"This is a load of BS. Hey, Scott “condo condo condo” Wiener. Why don’t you shut the fuck up? #ThisIsNotTheMarina #Andwedontwantittobe The needle exchange behind Safeway saves lives, assholes. What do you do, other than throw up more condos? And please define "marginal types" for me. I include myself in that. The Duboce Triangle has never been safer. Go back to the Marina, why-don't-ya?"

The last time I talked to Prophet he also veered quite eagerly away from talking about his own music toward his feelings on the proliferation of condos in SF, expressing dismay at the prospect of the city losing its "freak factor." He has a new album coming out this September; fingers crossed it contains more (musical?) nuggets like this.