Jawbreaker drummer Adam Pfahler for punk rock Santa Claus

"Glittery Jawbreaker buttons for everyone!"

So this is a pretty great way to start a Monday morning. Via Jawbreaker's Facebook page, run by drummer Adam Pfahler:

Me and my daughter Mimi are driving down Valencia street. At Mission, we notice the car in front of us has a Jawbreaker sticker on the bumper. Mimi gets a kick out of this and says, "Pull up and say hi!" I figure it's someone from the neighborhood who I know who's en route to Thrillhouse Records. We pull up but I don't know the kid. I happen to have some one of a kind glittery Jawbreaker buttons that Busy Beaver sent me, so Mimi rolls down the window and gives him one. He says, "Cool. Thanks." Then he looks at me and I make a gesture -- the international symbol of air drumming. He goes, "What?" I say, "That's my band. I'm the drummer." He's totally shocked. "NO FUCKING WAY!" Then he pulls up his sleeve to reveal a Dear You tattoo on his arm. I give him a round of applause, adding, "Thanks. That made my day." And it really did.

Relatedly, Pfahler is in a new band called California, which also features Green Day touring guitarist Jason White. They played at Hemlock on Saturday and I didn't go and I kind of hate myself for it. They don't have any music online yet and, as others have noted, the band is virtually un-Googlable. Will be tracking Pfahler down to ask him questions about it soon, but in the meantime -- were you there? I wanna hear about it, get in touch.

-- @emmaruthless

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