Sweden's best banger: Zhala is "Slippin' Around"

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So I walked into this Swedish party with cotton snowdrifts and round, mosquito-netted white beds with some pink lipstick... it's a long story, but the scenario (the monthly Donna Scam party, it's a something) was partly the brainchild of Zhala, Sweden's reigning single-maker. The club promoter-singer's single, you ask? Read more »

Hej, creativity! 4 bonkers Stockholm art projects


What creative forms would you expect at the near-ends of the earth? My recent trip to Stockholm, Sweden was weird in the way that travel usually is, more just-like-home moments than alien fears realized of winding up cold and frozen because I forget to transcribe the 17th letter in the name of the street I was staying on.

Honestly, I went for the close-to-the-North-Pole party (did you know you can swim just about anywhere in Stockholm? Sunrise after-afterparty dips abound), but surprise! I ran into artistic inspiration. That's really having your herring burger and eating it too. Here's four people and projects that really did it for me, Swedishly speaking.

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On how the Internet tricked us with a racist cake


If you freaked out about that photo of the Swedish minister of culture cutting a cake in the form of the cartoonishly lurid female blackface cake this week, you might want to take a look at offending artist Makode Linde's interview on Al Jazeera today.

And you might want to think about how you're reacting to the Internet. Read more »