Healthy school food delayed by bid protest


A proposal to bring fresh, healthy, locally produced food to San Francisco school kids ran into a roadblock when the losing bidder on the deal filed a protest, forcing the School Board to delay acton on the contract.Read more »

Funding SFUSD's graduation rescue


The San Francisco school district’s achievement gap exploded into the news when district officials learned that as many as 1,900 High School juniors -- the vast majority of them students of color -- aren’t on track to meet the new graduation standards. Read more »

School board incumbent victories could undermine UESF


San Franciscans this week saw the end result of long-running teacher union attacks on the re-election campaign of three SFUSD school board incumbents -- Sandra Fewer, Jill Wynns and Rachel Norton -- who were all reelected.Read more »

Endorsement interviews: Sandra Fewer for School Board


The San Francisco School Board has long been a fractious crew, with members sharply disagreeing on a lot of issues. They still disagree -- but according to all the board members we've interviewed, there's a much-better working relationship these days. Sandra Fewer, who has served for four years, talks about that -- and restorative justice, ethnic studies and how she wants to build on her accomplishments in a second term. You can listen to the entire interview after the jump. Read more »

A new food-truck map


Sup. Scott Wiener wants to compromise on the food-truck limits, and is working with the folks at SFUSD and the food advocates.

Dana Woldow, who is working with Nancy Waymack, director of policy and planning for SFUSD, Chris Armentrout, the district's director of development and government relations, and School Board member Jill Wynns, told me that the advocates are open to the idea of allowing more trucks in the Mission:Read more »

Teacher's Union unhappy with SF school chief process


Key Tray from the United Educators of San Francisco called me to comment on my description of the outgoing and incoming school superintendent, which he found a little too flattering:Read more »

The food (truck) fight heats up


Sup. Scott Wiener and public-school parent and advocate Dana Woldow are flinging dueling opinion pieces back and forth over the food-truck issue -- and it's getting hot.Read more »

Pink slime and the SFUSD


Let's start off with a basic assumption: This stuff is gross. If you eat hamburgers, you don't want to know what goes in them anyway, since it's never been pretty, but the idea of taking stuff so likely to be infected with e. coli that you have to run it through a centrifuge and the expose it to ammonia gas -- and then call it "food" -- is pretty icky even to me, and I eat sausage.Read more »

School Board to hire new sup't -- quickly


San Francisco School Superintendent Carlos Garcia is retiring, which is no surprise -- most school superintendent's rarely stay anywhere for more than five years, and Garcia's contract was up in June. Read more »

Mayor Lee makes demands on SFUSD


"You thought you felt an earthquake Sunday night. Actually, that was me."

Assemblymember Tom Ammiano was on the phone, talking to me about Mayor Ed Lee's plan to demand some changes in the way the San Francisco Unified School District manages its property -- and to hold up the $6 million the city owes the district until that happens. The mayor says there will be "strings attached" to the rainy-day fund money that would normally go to help SFUSD avoid teacher layoffs -- and while it's not exactly clear what those strings are, except that the mayor wants surplus property to be developed or sold, it's not what Ammiano had in mind when he created the fund as a supervisor.

Read more »