Meet your weiner: Sammy Davis reps the Bay in national dachshund races


December 27th, friends. That is the day that Sammy Davis competes for our honor. Read more »

Bevan Dufty's all wet and woofy


I've had issues with Bevan Dufty. Oh, lord, I've had issues. He so often voted the wrong way on the Board of Supervisors and was the only major candidate running for mayor who answered No to the affordable housing question at the Guardian mayoral forum.Read more »

Kids, dogs, and naked people in Dolores Park


The interwebs are all buzzy over the notion that some parents might want a fence around the playground in Dolores Park. Uptown Almanac denounces the Dolores Park Brats. Sfist says it's all a plot to undermine gay beachRead more »