David Chiu

Why Question Time is boring


So Sup. Jane Kim isn't sure Question Time is useful. And the press and some other board members think that, to quote Sup. John Avalos, it's "deadening."Read more »

Progressives party -- together


There are plenty of political fundraisers during campaign seasons, but this one will be especially interesting: The progressive slate for the Democratic County Central Committee is coming together for an event May 2 at 6 pm at Project One. The host committee includes outgoing chair Aaron Peskin and Sup. Read more »

The failure of Lee's business tax plan


The Mayor’s Office and city finance officials are circulating drafts of a new business tax plan that would largely abolish the payroll tax and replace it with a levy on gross receipts.Read more »

The right to a civil lawyer


I like Sup. David Chiu's idea of giving indigent plaintiffs in civil cases the right to a lawyer. It's one of those legal and political issues that's been hanging around for decades: Everyone accused of a crime has the Constitutional right to counsel, but if you're sued and have no money, you could very well be  SOL.Read more »

The new board committes: Not great news


Board President David Chiu has released the new committee assignments for 2012, and they aren't a whole lot different from last year's -- except in a few areas. And they aren't exactly an indication of progressive power.Read more »

David Chiu, the fashion mayor


There's a new fashion in the mayor's race, and it's ... accessories! This new mailer says to vote for Sup. David Chiu because he knows how to accessorize -- check out the cool glasses, and the sensible yet snazzy shoes and the high-tech wristwatch. Oh, and there's a laptop/cell phone/ipad, a checkbook, a scissors, a red pen, a calculator and a set of scales, which I assume are to measure out justice and not medical marijuana. Although that's fashionable, too. Read more »