An upside

The 49ers have fizzled; pork jowls at Halu can help



CHEAP EATS I've been saving something for you. Something special. For a time just like this.

The 49ers have fizzled in the drizzle, and the spring season of dyke football is a long way off. Not to mention spring training. Not to mention Spring.Read more »

There's no crying in football...


It was the crying jag seen round the world. With seconds left in last Saturday's divisional playoff game 49ers tight end (and Guardian cover model) Vernon Davis caught the game-winning touchdown, kept the Niners' Super Bowl hopes alive, and ran headlong into the arms of coach Jim Harbaugh while bawling his eyes out.

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The 49ers in SF? Give it up


Some folks just won't accept the reality that the 49ers are gone. It's over: The team is moving to Santa Clara. And you know what? It's not the end of the world.Read more »

The lights are on in Santa Clara


It's ironic that PG&E is trying to blame the (brief) power outages at Candlestick -- seen live, nationwide, on what was otherwise a great Monday Night Football game -- on San Francisco. Read more »