Proud of the whistleblowers

Glenn Greenwald's San Francisco appearance and Julian Assange's plea from exile crystallize a year of surveillance state revelations

Glenn Greenwald amplifies the leaks of documents that are damning to the US government.

A lot has happened since June 2013, when famed Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, then 82, donned a pink feather boa to lead an energized San Francisco Pride Parade contingent on behalf of US Army private Bradley Manning, who couldn't attend due to being held in federal custody.

Manning, a whistleblower who stood accused of leaking classified US documents, was celebrated as a queer hero by the more than 1,000 parade participants. They hailed the young private's courageous decision to share US military secrets with WikiLeaks in a bid to expose human rights atrocities committed during the Iraq War.

The Bradley Manning Contingent had been ignited by the drama following Manning's nomination as a grand marshal for Pride, then crowned grand marshal in an erroneous public statement, an announcement that was then emphatically revoked by the San Francisco Pride Board of Directors.

The messy, embarrassing incident made international headlines and sent a torrent of criticism raining down upon Pride. Progressives sharply condemned the board as spineless for being afraid to stand with a celebrated queer whistleblower whose act of self-sacrifice could alter the course of history.

In late August 2013, Manning announced that she identified as female and would be known as Chelsea Manning from that day forward. The announcement was concurrent with her sentencing to 35 years in prison for leaking classified US government documents.

The whistleblower's name and gender identity aren't the only things to change since last year: Chelsea Manning has been named an honorary grand marshal for the 2014 Pride celebration.

"The 2013 SF Pride Board's controversial decision to revoke her status as Grand Marshal fueled an international controversy and created intense strife within the local LGBT and progressive communities," a statement on Pride's website explains. "In January, in the spirit of community healing, and at the behest of SF Pride's membership, the newly elected SF Pride Board of Directors reinstated Manning's status as an honorary Grand Marshal for the 2014 Celebration and Parade."

The other game-changing subplot of this continuing whistleblower saga, of course, began to unfold just weeks before the 2013 Pride celebration, when former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden came forward to explain that he'd leaked secret NSA documents to expose a sweeping dragnet surveillance program intercepting millions of Americans' digital communications, because he believed it posed a threat to democracy and personal freedom.

Snowden first unmasked himself as an NSA whistleblower in a statement filmed in a hotel room in Hong Kong; he's now in Russia, where he's been temporarily granted asylum. Ellsberg recently joined an advisory board to the newly formed, Berlin-based Courage Foundation, which has set up a legal defense fund for Snowden. Manning continues to serve out her prison sentence, while Julian Assange, founder and publisher of WikiLeaks (which exposed Manning's leaks to a global audience) marked his second anniversary of being confined within the walls of the Ecuadoran Embassy in London on June 19.

Meanwhile Glenn Greenwald, whom Snowden selected as the recipient of his revelatory NSA files, has just embarked on a US book tour.

"The last year has been a bit intense," Greenwald told a sold-out audience at San Francisco's Nourse Theater on June 18, shortly after his arrival onstage was greeted with a standing ovation. His newly released book, No Place To Hide, provides an overview of what's transpired in the movement against government surveillance since Snowden first approached him with leaked NSA documents.


Jason Grant Garza here ... "There's a belief by the people who are soulless and have no convictions that everyone else is playing by the same rules." What happened to the BANKERS, Clapper, the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, the Veteran's FIASCO (are the ones in charge at the VA just as soulless and HAVE no convictions ... I mean WHAT will be the CONSEQUENCE) ... again is it a FASLE belief when it is SUCCESSFUL? Do you really think ANYTHING will happen in the IRS scandal and the LOST (???) emails? I know about whistleblowing ...

Here is ANOTHER example like the Veteran's mistreatment and law breaking activity by those who were suppose to be there for them. Go to youtube and type in Jason Garza to see over 400 videos: : Watch OVER a year of VIDEOS regarding denied MEDICAL CARE ... Having fallen through "Alice's looking glass" (Lewis Carroll) into a WORLD which is opposite of what it should be and my attempts at MEDICAL CARE, Medical Law Enforcement, Legal Right Protection, ADA and Disability Rights, Human Rights, Civil Rights and Constitutional Rights. See the RESULTS of going to the PROFESSIONALS. LAW ENFORCEMENT, Agencies in charge of ENFORCEMENT ... ALL which provide NO ACCOUNTING, NO FOLLOWUP, NO CORRECTION and NO HOPE. "In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act" G. Orwell

How can this happen ... think BOY SCOUTS, ALTAR BOYS, WEAPONS of MASS DESTRUCTION, etc when the "FIX" is in and ALL complicit players engage. Check out or (Signed Confession - Case C02-3485PJH Paperwork)

Let me spout some more FALSE belief ... we do not torture, equal protection, HUMANITY is GOOD, and if you continue to do the RIGHT thing ... you'll get the RIGHT outcome.

Yes as I have said many many times Motika "The review suggested that this was an example of the term from Papua New Guinea known as "Mokita". Simply translated this word means, "truth we all know but agree not to talk about"." leads to BOHICA ( Bend over ... HERE is COMES again.)

Posted by Jason Grant Garza on Jun. 26, 2014 @ 12:36 pm

You can't have it both way libs. The problem solving, paternalistic government that you crave at every opportunity is the same one that can't help but abuse any scintilla of power that is ceded its way. The only way to prevent the surveillance state is to kill the nanny state,

Posted by Guest on Jun. 30, 2014 @ 10:07 pm

whistleblowers are American patriots who believe in the US Constitution.

sadly, the whistleblowers are criminalized and persecuted by the criminals in power and rarely is there any change due to their brave efforts at opening our eyes.

and Americans keep voting into office the republican and democrat criminals.

Posted by SF T Party on Jul. 28, 2014 @ 11:04 am

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